Gli Atroci were never born. Gli Atroci have always existed. They lived in the fifth dimension. The pure metal one. They were spending their time admiring their immortality. They didn't know each other. Then something changed. One day Il Professor Tetro decided to repair his hi-tech water-heater. Everything was going on in the right way. Instead, the irreparable happened. Because of an inexplicable mistake Il Professor Tetro was sent on Earth. He saw what was happening on that strange planet. He discovered that Metal was NOT the only kind of music on Earth. People listened to other horrible musics with strange names: techno, country, dance, rap, ecc. Il Professor Tetro was shocked. He felt he had to do something. He decided to come back to the fifth dimension to group a handful of heroes to restore the supremacy of Metal on Earth. Any other music had to be forgotten. He choose the six heroes: La Bestia Assatanata, Il Profeta, Il Fabbro Satanico, L'Orrendo Maniscalco, Il Boia Malefico e Il Diabolico Orfanello. These seven braves then moved to Earth to spread the Verb. Along the centuries they faced dangerous and terrible enemies. Many times they were almost going to defeat but at the end they drove back any attack. The number of prisoners Gli Atroci sent to the re-education programs became so high that Il Diabolico Orfanello was sent to manage the whole thing. His place was took by a new hero from the fifth dimension: Il Nano Merlino. War went on for many other centuries. It got so violent that Il Boia Malefico had to leave Gli Atroci because of injures. A new Boia Malefico was cloned using a cell of his.War intensity slowed for a while and the enemies started to reorganize. Gli Atroci then decided to send a spy between them. In those days Il Fabbro Satanico left the band officially "to focus full-time on his franchising ironmonger's chain". Nobody but Gli Atroci really knows what Il Fabbro Satanico is doing on Earth. His place was took by a young brave coming from the fifth dimension: Il Feroce Macellaio. Virtual truce was broken with extreme ferocity by Metal enemies. They put in the battlefield a new and devasting inoffensive-looking weapon. In the beginning Gli Atroci were not aware of it. Il Feroce Macellaio (the youngest and more inexpert) was the first victim of this new Evil's creature: the New Age!!! One night he made a mistake and stepped into a Buddha Bar. As soon as he went in he was surrounded and attacked by strong compilations and remixes. He barely could escape and was admitted in a iperspecialized hospital. He is still there. A proud and brave help came from Il Feroce Macellaio's Son and Clone. They alternatively took his place for a while. Those braves fought with huge courage but very soon they understood they couldn't face the massive power of Metal's enemies. They had to leave. With his last and noble effort il Feroce Macellaio (who had left the hospital against doctors' advice) joined his old mates once again. That summer he fought like he never did before. But he could do nothing against techno. Il Feroce Macellaio was heart-broken and retired for the second time not to die. Just when Gli Atroci thought it was almost over, the fifth dimension gave the band an unespected help. One day, while Il Profeta was having his breakfast, a man stepped in front of him and said "My name is Il Lurido Cavernicolo and I wanna cast my name in stone fighting for the Metal's cause and with Gli Atroci". Facing this pure cuorage Gli Atroci couldn't say no and restarted to fight stronger than ever. Since the first battles the Evil forces faced Il Lurdo Cavernicolo's terrible power. Endless enemies left on the battlefield. It was the right time to fight playing it clever. Gli Atroci cloned Il Boia Malefico for the second time. Two Boias at the same time would have confounded the enemies. The first clone then officially left the band appearing from time to time around the world to confound Evil's forces. The second clone became the new official member. The band had finally reached a power and a stability never before seen. Il Professor Tetro had then achieved his goal. He decided it was time to go back to repair water-heathers. And so he did. The other six knew he had to go and let him. Battle against the evil forces was peaceless for Gli Atroci. Enemies get organized in a sneakier way and this led to what nobody wanted to happen. A filthy ambush was laied by a legion of disco-dancers to L'Orrendo Maniscalco. He heroically fighted at his best but he had to fall. Dismay for the loss of a loyal and proud friend didn't stop Gli Atroci. In a solemn meeting everyone swore once again to revenge on those who did what thay should't. Metal miraculously sent into the fifth dimension, a new faith herald called Il Vichingo Maledetto to end what the Maniscalco would have ended anyway. Gli Atroci's history is not over. War will last for a very long-time. Gli Atroci will face many new adventures!!!